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Welcome visitors!

Beitrag von Niora »

Hey guys :D

First be welcome to our magical group of witches, warlocks, angels, fairies, shamans, druids and other cool people! [smilie=lustig_d010.gif] We´re glad about your visit and don´t want you to go without any further information about our very interesting community!

What can I tell you about our community, actually? Well, the first thing you will notice is the wide range of themes that can be discussed in here. While you observe other forums handling white magic stuff using strict rules to manifest their "positive and right" way or just do focus on one single theme or area, we handle all stuff that every single user needs to. We´re not just white or black as you may try to find out. We´re kind of both and not both at all. As black magicians have their own ideas, there are also fairy-like persons who feel very comfortable near by. Whatever you choose to go along with, every single member in this community, specialized in every possible other area, is willing to support their "family-members". There is no kindergarden, disrespect or other jealousy. We are a very familiar community which does not only accept other ideas, but which is also interested in those other ideas!
If there exist links, books and other stuff that deserves to get attention, we´re more than happy to share it. Additionally, you will find recensions, critiques, to books or other experiences, too. This is a very valuable solution to show interested members if this could be the "right" (for this very person) thing.
If you are interested in herbs and other "homemade help", you will get to know very interesting and lovely people in here. Sharing of hints and tricks is naturally!

So ... maybe you´re interested now in the categories that are possible but not limited? Are you interested to celebrate special times in the year? Well, in our collection, you will find many information about those celebrations but also possible rituals and suggestions. Very talented witches and mages roam through our forums and sweeten our time with awesome ideas!
You will find a big part that is available for the healing power of nature: Reiki, herbs, stones and other. Divination follows with cards, runes, Ogham, astrology, numerology, channeling and many many more. Do you like it more magical and ritual? Do you like to learn more about nordic or celtic ways? You know that there is much more like witchcraft, wicca and energy work? Can you feel how it is prickling in your body? Can you feel the magic that is everywhere? Well :mrgreen: of course you will enter a very special place that will change or extend you in a very special way :wink:
But we don´t want to let the shamans wait! Of course they have their place here like all other witches and mages, too! If you like to work with dreams, visions and prophecies, we have also the right space for you. Furthermore there is a part for communication with animals, "divination out of the earth" or "dragon-streamlines", ufo´s, esoterism as such, crystal kids and paranormal activities.

Wow! That´s a lot! Would you think of more? Well, there is! We also have forums for regional stuff and chitchat that can be used for every topic you may not know where to put it! You may imagine how big this is :wink:

I wish you nice travels through the magical net, a wonderful day and many wonderful days that are following [smilie=lustig_a015.gif]

Cheerfully greeting,
Das Leben ist ein Spiel, das Dich so lange in die Knie zwingt, bis Du es richtig gespielt hast.
Bild Niora

Re: Welcome visitors!

Beitrag von MiaGwen »

Well done Niora! [smilie=lustig_d010.gif]


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